Dedicated to caring for women of all ages and all stages of life.

Saugella contains natural plant extracts i.e. Thyme and Sage, with marked selective antifungal and antibacterial properties that provide care at all stages of a woman’s life. Women can have a tough time with the demands of family, childbearing and career on top of all the physical and hormonal changes that they undergo. That’s why Saugella® is dedicated to providing a range of products specially designed for feminine intimate protection and care at all stages of a woman’s life.

Our Mission

All Saugella® products are based on strong research and focus on prevention over cure. Our role is to support the delicate balance of the vaginal ecosystem and thereby provide the best possible conditions for a woman’s overall health and well-being. Whether a teenager, new mother or expectant mother, one will find a true friend in Saugella® products.